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What's new for the Arts Compensation Project in Spring 2024

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APAP announces some exciting updates to the Arts Compensation Project for Spring 2024.

  • New & Improved Pricing: Thanks to the generosity of foundation funders, APAP is now able to substantially subsidize participation in the Arts Compensation Project during our Spring 2024 enrollment period. Some additional discounts may be available through your presenter consortia.
  • Invitation for Non-Members to Join APAP for only $150: ACP enrollees whose organizations have never been members or who have lapsed for more than 12-months may join APAP for a special rate of $150 for their first year.
  • Annual Compensation Report Release: APAP will release a detailed annual report on presenter compensation each year for the next three years. The first report will be available for purchase in May 2024 based on the data collected from November 2023 to April 2024. Participants who enroll this spring and enter data by April 15th will access the detailed report for free. 
  • The Spring 2024 enrollment period is March 1 through April 8, 2024.
Want to be part of the Arts Compensation Project? Enrollment is open!
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The Arts Compensation Project (ACP) is a dynamic data platform that gives presenting organizations and venues access to real-time data on staffing, compensation and benefits to inform decision-making, helping arts leaders and arts workers alike. 

In addition to staffing and compensation data, ACP will also collect demographics, making it the first large-scale initiative in the performing arts that will help the industry understand these trends through the lenses of race and gender.

Funders of the Arts Compensation Project include the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Mellon Foundation, and the Wallace Foundation.

Spring 2024 enrollment is now open until April 8. Have questions? Email us at
 Spring 2024 enrollment is about to open.
Interested in the Arts Compensation Project? 
Email us at

  1. First, complete the enrollment form which will ask you for organizational and budget information to determine your eligibility and subscription rate.

  2. Next, once you get confirmation from APAP on your eligibility and subscription rate, review and agree to the terms and conditions of the ACP.
  3. Then, once you have signed the terms and conditions, APAP will send you an invoice after which you will submit payment for your ACP subscription.

  4. Lastly, once payment has been received, you will get instructions from APAP and AMS on how to access the platform, including information about onboarding. The process of onboarding will begin September 12, 2023 and entering your data will begin October 2, 2023.

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