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Watch replays of the APAP|NYC+ 2022 Pre-Conference Fieldwide Conversations

Fieldwide Conversations
Members of the performing arts community came together virtually at the APAP|NYC+ 2022 Pre-Conference in early December to discuss current issues affecting the field. These robust, thought-provoking, and even hopeful conversations set the stage for deeper dives during the main conference in January.

If you weren't able to attend the pre-conference, or you want a refresher on what was discussed, watch the replays of the Fieldwide Conversations:

The Future of Programming: Curating with Consciousness - Definitions and Examples

What is the difference between impact and intent as we work to become anti-racist in our curatorial practice? How do we know that we aren’t centering whiteness and that our work isn’t tokenizing? Hear seasoned presenters and producers as they reflect on the vocabulary of conscious and conscientious artistic curation in their work and what it has meant to apply those concepts to their lived experiences.

The Future of Work: Workforce and Workplace Strategies for the Performing Arts

The performing arts field is experiencing a workplace reckoning on multiple levels. Hiring and retaining staff, replenishing our workforce, and rethinking longtime work/life balance expectations abound. Hear how colleagues are innovating and developing new workplace strategies and using creative problem solving to rethink departments and responsibilities to better reflect the shifts in values for employees and work.

The Future of Presenting and Booking: The Role of Convenings in an Altered Landscape

Hear how presenters from across the field are approaching programming and the booking cycle as a result of the last 18 months. What does this all mean for the field moving forward? What would help support and facilitate booking and programming now, and what’s most needed? And more importantly, how do convenings and conferences play a role to support the work?

We look forward to continuing these discussions at the main conference. Interested in being part of great sessions like these? Join us online at APAP|NYC+ 2022 in January!
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