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Meet the artists of Works In Progress at APAP|NYC 2024

APAP is excited to launch its newest program, Works In Progress, at APAP|NYC on Sunday, January 14 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. This is a pitch session designed for artists and agents to present work that is not quite tour-ready but is still in the development stages. The works pitched may not be ready for the 24-25 cycle but possibly the 25-26 tour cycle. This program comes from the need to provide artist with an opportunity to demonstrate projects they are currently working on and support their creative development.

Format: The session will be held in roundtables where presenters will have 7 minutes to introduce themselves and pitch their works in progress.

The Audience: It’s all APAP members and conference attendees; presenters, agents, managers, artists, and others. Sit back, get your questions ready, and enjoy learning about upcoming works in progress.

Moderator: Alicia Anstead

APAP Contact: Willie Santiago, Manager, Programs and Resources,
Image of dancer looking up towards the light facing mirror
Artist: Barkha Patel
Work: Ramti Aave
Agency/Management: Barkha Dance Company
Genres: Dance, kathak: traditional and contemporary
Presenters: Barkha Patel
Description: Ramti Aave is about surrendering to Kali's playfully destructive power to access the erotic. This work acknowledges the complexities of shifting our narratives towards pleasure and aligning our lives with our truest desires.

Kali’s transformative power, represented by the words and voice of Audre Lorde, reminds us that as humans we are entire systems wired for pleasure and the cruciality of harnessing the erotic in our everyday experiences for personal and collective liberation.

The development of this work has been based in an intentional process of cultivating and experiencing pleasure through experimentation in kathak movement, soundscapes, set design, and costumes.
Fees: $18,000 plus air travel and hotel for 8 people, plus costs of shipping set elements
Booking Contact: Barkha Patel,
Artist: brooke smiley
Work: EARTH.SPEAKS Wahzhazhe ie
Agency/Management: Sozo Artists, Inc.
Genres: Community building, public art
Pitch Presenters: Chisa Yamaguchi
Description: “EARTH.SPEAKS Wahzhazhe ie” is an initiative comprised of three monument markers by and for the Osage, tracing the diaspora from pre-contact in what is called Missouri, to the reservation today in Oklahoma, and finally to California where most Osage fled and live today separated from the reservation. The monuments welcome the Osages back to our ancestral lands and bring connection to where we live today. This project addresses how to build relative safety by orienting towards education, healing, and expression, and honors the truth that Osages are still here.
Length: Multi-visit
Fees: $15,000 - $20,000 plus air travel and hotel for 2-4 people plus costs for materials, permits (if applicable) and hospitality provided for all participants (snacks, water, tea, meals [when/if applicable]).
Booking Contact: Chisa Yamaguchi,
Artist: Chanon Judson
Work: Haint Blu
Agency/Management: Urban Bush Women
Genres: Contemporary Dance, Dance-Theater
Pitch Presenters: Chanon Judson, Jonathan Secor
Description: Haint Blu is a site-specific dance-theater work seeped in memory and magic. Known as the color that Southern families paint their front porches to ward off bad spirits, Haint Blu uses performance in nontraditional spaces as a center and source of healing, taking us through movement into stillness and rest. It is an embodied look into familial lines and the histories and stories of our elders and ancestors. It reflects on what has been lost across generations and what can be recovered. Haint Blu takes us to the magical place where spirits share their legacies, journey onward, and leave the thick residue of their knowing behind.
Length: 45-90 Minutes (with variations)
Fees: This will depend on the scope of Haint Blu that we envision together. We ask for a fee, plus housing and ground, plus production costs.
Booking Contact: Michelle Coe,

Illustration of door and clocktower with figure standing underneath
Artist: CDP Theatre Producers and TONG Productions
Work: Clockwork
Agency/Management: CDP Theatre Producers, Sydney, Australia
Genres: Theatre for Young People
Pitch Presenters: Andrew Threlfall
Description: "Clockwork" is a new Chinese/Australian international co-production for young audiences aged 6+ between CDP Theatre Producers (Australia) and Tong Productions (Beijing). Clockwork is a multicultural, cross-artform new work that explores themes of difference, tolerance and understanding.

The work has drawn on the artistic influences rooted in Western & Eastern contexts and contemporary practices of the artists. The story will be told with little language, instead using a multi-layered approached to storytelling through movement, puppetry, music, lighting and design to portray mood and relationships, transcending language barriers for young audiences. It will tour Australia and China as well as worldwide.
Length: 60 minutes
Fees: $7,000-$9,000 per performance & tech for one-two performances on a single day, plus hotel and hospitality. Please note - fees may vary dependent on travel days, routing, number of performances, length of run and length of tour (with flight/freight costs to be amortised across the tour)
Booking Contact: Andrew Threlfall,

Two individuals stand in front of colorful structure
Artist: Chromic Duo
Work: Xian Zai
Genres: Soundwalk
Pitch Presenters: Lucy Yao, Dorothy Chan
Description: “Xian Zai” means “right now, here” in Chinese, a state that connects our past with the future. Informed by our experiences of reconciling the differences of our multicultural identity as first and second generation immigrants and children of the Asian American diaspora, this multidisciplinary project is a citywide collaboration between Chromic Duo (toy pianists and multimedia artists Dorothy Chan and Lucy Yao) and University Settlement to build an immersive Augmented Reality concert experience in New York City’s Chinatown to illuminate the stories and collective wisdom that humanizes us. via the app Gesso. This project currently has grant support from University Settlement for the initial workshop and performance.
Length: 30 mins
Fees: $10,000 Artists + Creative Technologist Fees, creative development, $10,000 Research and Developmental costs, plus accommodation for 3 people
Booking Contact: Katie Backus,

Individual illuminated by warm tone line is attached to rope-like materials
Artist: Jade Solomon Curtis
Work: Keeper of Sadness
Agency/Management: Gail Boyd Artist Managment
Genres: Contemporary dance
Pitch Presenters: Jade Solomon Curtis
Description: Keeper of Sadness is an evening-length multidisciplinary dance work and archive of Black women stories. Performed in three movements, The Unraveling, The Grief and The Joy, KOS unpacks what it means to carry, clutch, cradle, encompass, enfold, engulf, shoulder, subsume and support.
Length: 60 minutes, no intermission
Fees: $25,000 plus air travel and hotel for 7 people, plus the cost of shipping set design elements (a 24-inch rotating platform).
Booking Contact: Gail Boyd,

Three individuals holding onto puppet-like structure
Artist: Janet Roston
Work: Hans Christian Andersen's The Shadow
Agency/Management: Cadence Arts Network
Genres: Dance/Theater, Multidisciplinary
Pitch Presenters: Janet Roston, June Carryl
Description: “Hans Christian Andersen’s The Shadow” is a family production (age 8 and up) that uses music, vocals, dance, projections, puppetry and shadow play to tell Anderson’s story, then sets it on it’s head presenting a new uplifting fairy tale filled with adventure, three headed dragons and more. Act 1 is Andersen’s original dark and mysterious story, that tells of a shadow who takes over the life of a man. Act 2, our original addition, continues the tale, sending the Shadow on an epic journey resulting in his redemption, self-acceptance and understanding of the inherent goodness in all of humankind.
The production was recently awarded a Development Grant from the Jim Henson Foundation.
Length: 120 minutes with one intermission
Fees: The production is still in development so it is difficult to determine exact fees and costs. We estimate $25,000 - $40,000 for a performance week plus airfare and hotels for 14 people, plus cartage costs (TBD)
Booking Contact: Rachel Cohen,

Artist: Jennifer Newman, Andre de Quadros, Justin Hicks and currently and formerly incarcerated poets/spoken word artists Sean Evelyn, Onyx White, Wayland Coleman, and Eric Anderson
Work: The Slaying of Innocence
Genres: Music-theatre
Pitch Presenters: Victoria Voketaitis, Director of Touring, Beth Morrison Projects and Jennifer Newman, Project Director
Description: THE SLAYING OF INNOCENCE fuses storytelling, music, and visual art to create a compelling artistic testimony about America's broken and racialized justice system and the triumph of hope. It emerges from the lived experiences of African American men who have served or are currently serving prison sentences. The challenges of living inside and outside of the prison system are vividly told through rich, compelling poetry, choral music, song, and rap. A large-scale version will be offered for venues while a second, more intimate version will tour incarceration facilities where presentations occur, offering presenters opportunities to deepen relationships in their communities.
Length: 80 to 90 minutes with no intermission
Fees: $45,000 for two to three performances plus travel, housing, cartage, and engagement of a local community choir.
Booking Contact: Victoria Voketaitis, Director of Touring, BMP

: Music From The Sole
Work: Untitled
Agency/Management: Anne-Camille Hersh, EnPointe Management
Genres: Dance & Music
Pitch Presenters: Leonardo Sandoval & Gregory Richardson
Description: Music From The Sole will develop an evening-length work of tap, Afro-Brazilian and house dance, and original live music. This new piece will dig deeper in our practice of creating and presenting tap dance as both movement and music, with our choreographic and compositional processes inseparable, embracing dancers’ role as active creators of the music they move to. The narrative will expand our work celebrating tap’s Afro-diasporic roots and its lineage to forms encompassing jazz, funk, soul, house, samba, and hip hop, while exploring themes central to the Black, immigrant, queer/ LGBTQ2IA+ identities that make up our company of dancer-musicians. Engagement activities centering on the themes and dance/ music forms featured in the work, and tailored to each community's interests, are offered as an integral part of the company's presentation."
Fees: $27,500-$48,000 depending on number of shows + travel, lodging for 12 people (8 rooms)
Booking Contact: Anne-Camille Hersh, EnPointe Management,

Artist: Mara McEwin -Treehouse Shakers
Work: Sail Away
Agency/Management: Geodesic Management
Genres: Theater for Young Audiences; Theater, Dance, Music, Puppetry
Pitch Presenters: Mara McEwin
Description: Tailored to the very early walkers, Treehouse Shakers’ Sail Away, for ages 18-24 months and their caregivers, is a mobile exploration experience piece for toddlers who want to wiggle, move, walk and run, in a fully immersive first-time play experience. Performed by 3 performers, who are the dancers, puppeteers and play-makers, Sail Away explores the magnificence of the ocean through a sensory experiential journey of visuals, sounds, objects, some language, and an open concept of play. THS is recognized as one of the few U.S. companies creating and touring successful professional works, of high-quality artistic merit, for babies. Some of these successes include Flutter (6-18 months), and Hatched (0-6), which continues to tour.

Treehouse Shakers has been awarded a grant through the National Endowment for the Arts, along with several smaller awards from both NYC and New York granting agencies, as well as New Music USA
Length: 45 minutes
Fees: $6,500-$8,500 Per Performance & Tech for one-two performances on a single day, plus hotel, performance day and tech day hospitality. Fees dependent on travel days and distance between routing venues. Fees also are dependent on the number of performances, length of run and if there is additional routing.
Booking Contact: Keith Ghion,

Minty Fresh Circus blue logo
: Monique Martin
Work: Minty Fresh Circus
Agency/Management: Elsie Management Inc Genres: Contemporary circus
Pitch Presenters: Monique Martin
Description: Conceived by Monique Martin, Minty Fresh Circus is a US-based circus show performed by an all-Black cast, with a majority-Black creative team celebrating the healing power of Black music & movement, infused with the joy & resilience of those who traversed the transatlantic slave trade. With an Afro-futuristic vibe and a steam-punk look, Minty Fresh Circus features movement, music, and circus arts in a time-bending journey of redemption. Acrobat/dancers perform a range of movement sourced from the African Diaspora, alongside circus acts including ropes, hand-to-hand, and teeter board. The driving score is composed by Soul Science Lab.
Length: 70 minutes
Fees: Routed dates in US & CAN:
$20k+ hsg & share of freight for weekend date & $14k+ hsg for weekday date (Housing = 9 single rooms) freight (for circus equipment) TBD
Booking Contact: Laura Colby,

Group of individuals holding instruments in front of burgundy backdrop
: Mostly Kosher
Work: Roots and Wings
Agency/Management: FLI Artists
Genres: Music and Theater
Pitch Presenters: Leeav Sofer, Janice Mautner Markham
This program utilizes global Jewish cultural music to tell the story of a Klezmer musician coming into his own as a performer. Grounding him in tradition is his grandmother “Bubbe” who’s striving to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. This heartfelt exploration is sometimes melancholic and often hilarious, inspiring audience members of all ages and backgrounds. Besides the joyous folk music and storytelling this program provides, there is also a call for mutual understanding, bringing much needed healing in today’s world. Mostly Kosher’s interactive performance is ideal for community outreach and workshops for any age group.
Length: 1 hour no intermission
Fees: $8,000 to $10,000 fee, plus round trip airfare/hotel for anchor dates. For routing options and block booking price is more negotiable including the option for back-end percentages. Backline needed (bass/keyboard or piano/drums) or buyout for travel bass transport
Booking Contact: Matt Greenhill,

Artist: Tamar-kali
Work: Freedom Is A Constant Struggle
Agency/Management: Sozo Artists, Inc.
Genres: Orchestral Music
Pitch Presenters: Ichun Yeh
Description: Tamar-kali, an alternative rock band leader turned classical and film composer, defies boundaries in her work. Freedom is a Constant Struggle is a collaborative project with local presenters and artists in the format of a multi-day residency, culminating with an orchestral concert, tracing the African American fight for freedom. Featuring texts from Frederick Douglass to Ta-Nehisi Coates, the work encompasses pivotal moments in the African American Civil War- from the call to abolish chattel slavery and the Civil War itself, through Reconstruction to the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement, up to the present-day fight for equity and calls for reparations.
Length: 75-90 minutes, no intermission
Fees: $13,500-20,000 depending on scope, plus air, ground, hotel and per diem for 3-7 people; separate score rental required; presenter supplies local artists: orchestra, choir, 2 featured singer soloists
Booking Contact: Ichun Yeh,

Image a man next to text that says The Maestro and The Mosquita
: Theatre Lovett
Work: The Maestro and The Mosquita
Genres: Theater for all ages, Physical theater, Music
Pitch Presenters: Muireann Ahern, Louis Lovett (Artistic Directors)
Description: A poignant, Buster Keaton-style musical comedy for all ages. Written by internationally awarded playwright and filmmaker Carmel Winters with original music by Academy Award winner Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) with a virtuoso performance by Louis Lovett.
The Maestro, once a conductor of world renown, lives alone now, haunted by dreams of past glory and tortured nightly by the visitations of a blood-hungry mosquita. The tiny nemesis who destroyed Maestro’s magnificent come back.The arch enemy he discovers he can’t live without.
Length: 60 minutes
Fees: USD weekly fee of $25,000 plus accommodation for 5 and contribution towards freight costs.
Booking Contact: Elissavet Chatsinota,
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