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Are you REDI to reopen and restart better than before?

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As the field begins to reopen and restart, APAP's REDI priorities and your commitment to and participation in the 10/20/30 goals are key to our rebuilding the arts ecosystem better than before. This long-term and sustainable vision raises us all up!
To those of you so far who have taken the 10/20/30 Pledge, thank you for making a commitment to racial equity, diversity and inclusion (REDI) for the performing arts, and thank you for your commitment to leading change within our field, at your organization, and among your peers. We are excited to support you as a 10/20/30 leader and to learn together along this journey. If you haven’t yet taken this short survey to help us understand how APAP can meet your specific needs, please do complete the survey by TOMORROW, Wednesday, July 28.
To those of you considering taking the pledge but who haven’t yet, it never too late. Want to see what one organization’s 10/20/30 journey looks like? You can replay this webinar. Are you “REDI” to take the pledge? You can do so here. (And then take the survey above, so we know how we can support you!)
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