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Anti-Racism Resources

APAP has curated and carefully assembled a growing, and continually updated, collection of important resources to guide and support you in practicing anti-racism in your work and your life. APAP believes that anti-racist work is not just a single act, but an ongoing commitment to a practice. As the work is a muscle that we must build and exercise, APAP is evolving this work with you.

The materials on this page are intended to provide APAP members and the performing arts field with a broad range of information from diverse groups, organizations, authors and sources who may be studying and addressing racial equity, decolonization, cultural justice, gender and other critical issues. 

APAP strongly supports this important work through our REDI initiative, and understands that there is more information on these topics that we may not have posted yet. We recognize that the views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the materials belong solely to the author(s) and may not necessarily be shared by all readers or by all APAP members.

We encourage you to enter into this work at whatever point you are. We recognize that we are all learning individually and collectively, and as a community committed to the promise of an urgent and shared equity.

Becoming an Anti-Racist Org

Structural Change

Short Reads

Long Reads

Guided Self-Reflection




Anti-Racism Arts Organizations

Anti-Racism Organizations


Raising Anti-Racist Kids

Collections of Resources

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