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APAP|NYC is the world's premier gathering of the performing arts presenting, booking and touring industry and the annual members conference of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals. 

In January 2021, APAP will have a dynamic online convening. Join us!

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Why meet in January 2021?

The performing arts field has been upended, so you may ask, "Why even convene a conference in January 2021?" It is precisely because everything has turned upside down that we---performing arts professionals---need to meet.

  • Together, we will celebrate innovation, we will spark our imaginations, we will make the impossible, possible. 
  • As a community, we will dig deep, as we always do, for solutions. We are resourceful, and we rise, despite the odds.
  • We will activate the APAP membership, leverage our power in numbers, collaborate and take steps toward lasting change.
  • We have the opportunity to start 2021 with new energy for a better, brighter future.

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What is APAP|NYC+?

In January 2021, APAP will host the APAP|NYC+ conference---a dynamic online convening, delivering many of the valuable elements you have come to expect from the APAP|NYC conference: quality programming, an engaging EXPO Hall, exciting performance showcases, opportunities to network with your colleagues, and more.

Why the "+" this year? 

  • Because APAP|NYC+ will be a convergence of members, artists, and influencers from around the world. Being online makes it possible to be more international.

  • Because APAP|NYC+ will be anchored around our planned dates of January 8-12, 2021. Plus, we will also have a pre-conference on January 6-7, will host some events and activities between January 13-15, and will make much content available to conference registrants all month long. Being online allows our schedule to be more flexible.

  • Because as a field, we aim to be more inclusive than we have ever been, offering "no barriers" memberships and low conference registration rates. Additionally, we will have an "open to the public" day as part of pre-conference, and we will livestream select conference events where maximum attendance from across the field is most critical. Being online helps us become more accessible.

Programming at APAP|NYC+

Since the pandemic hit in early 2020, aftershocks have shaken the performing arts and our world to the core. No matter where we land in January 2021, you can be sure we will address it in the conference programming.

Through richly curated programming and interactive sessions at the APAP|NYC+ conference, artists, presenters, agents, managers, producers, funders---all arts workers---will engage on a range of the most pressing global topics.

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How to register for APAP|NYC+

Registration to the APAP|NYC+ conference includes access to all sessions, networking activities, the EXPO Hall, and showcases. It also gives you on-demand access to replaying content post-conference. To register for the conference, you must be an APAP member. Learn more about APAP membership.

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Exhibiting at APAP|NYC+

The APAP|NYC+ conference will feature an interactive EXPO Hall to help you connect quickly with the people you want to meet and the partners and services you need. 

To exhibit at the conference, you must first be an APAP member. Once you have joined APAP, you can register for the APAP|NYC+ conference and secure your spot in the EXPO Hall. 

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Showcases at APAP|NYC+

Showcasing Information

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Performance showcases are often the highlight of the conference, and at APAP|NYC+, you will have the capacity to stream and watch showcases, 24/7 from around the world.

To showcase at the conference, you must be an APAP member and register for the conference. You can then purchase a APAP|NYC+ showcase listing for $10 per unique title.

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APAP|NYC is a founding partner of JanArtsNYC. A partnership of independent multidisciplinary festivals, industry convenings and international marketplaces, JanArtsNYC is one of the largest and most influential gatherings of its kind.

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