APAPNYC 2018 Showcase Trisha Brown Dance Slam by Adam Kissick/APA

About APAP

The Association of Performing Arts Professionals is the national service, advocacy and membership organization for presenters of the performing arts. APAP is dedicated to developing and supporting a robust performing arts industry and the professionals who work within it.

  • APAP hosts the annual APAP|NYC conference - the world's leading convening for the performing arts industry.

  • APAP is the industry's leading community for networking and knowledge.

  • APAP strengthens and advances your career and the field through professional development, resource sharing, advocacy and civic engagement.

What you'll find here: 

  • Information about APAP's history, mission, values and financials

  • APAP staff and Board of Directors information

  • Ways to support the organization

Mission, Vision and Values


The Association of Performing Arts Professionals develops and supports a robust performing arts presenting field and the professionals who work within it.

Affirmation of APAP’s Values

APAP supports the rights, integrity and dignity of all individuals who comprise our audiences, our staffs and the artists and attractions that we represent and present on our stages across the world, regardless of one’s age, ability, gender identity, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, economic status and/or sexual orientation. We affirm the efforts of our members and colleagues in promoting these values on the ground in their communities.

As demonstrated by the unique talents, temperaments and convictions of those in our field, the values of both individuality and community in our society and culture make the performing arts stronger.

Vision and Values

APAP leads the performing arts presenting industry.

APAP is the national service and membership organization for the performing arts presenting sector and the convener of the world’s leading gathering of performing arts professionals each January in New York City. Through professional development programs and member services, APAP provides opportunities for artists, agents and managers, presenters and producers to make the connections and gain the information, skills and resources they need to make the arts a vibrant, valuable and sustainable part of everyday life. APAP supports and educates today’s and tomorrow’s performing arts leaders.

APAP champions the live performance experience.

APAP members know the impact of live performance – the power of a collectively shared moment between artists and audiences. APAP fuels the collaboration, creation and presentation of the performing arts. Across the U.S. and around the world, members work with artists from all genres (dance, drama, music and multi-disciplinary arts) and from a diversity of cultures to present work that addresses social issues, broadens perspectives and literally brings people together.

APAP enriches communities.

APAP members are deeply invested in the well-being and the economic health of their local communities.  Artists, presenters, agents and managers learn from each other and from the audiences they serve how to best curate and present arts programs that address the unique needs of communities, feeding and preserving the soul of the places we call home.  APAP supports this work through grants to arts organizations, dissemination of information and resources, and advocacy activities aimed at making the arts accessible for all.

Artistry. Industry. Community. APAP.

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