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2020 started with a pandemic. Then came the murder of George Floyd followed by the world’s outcry and protests, fueling demands for social justice and a racial reckoning decades in the making---not just across the country, but across our performing arts field.

It is through this lens and all that it involves – realizing the economic decimation of our field, the emotional toll of loss, centering BIPOC voices, dismantling and rebuilding systems, and holding our field and each other accountable – that APAP|NYC+ is conceived, so that we all show up equitably at the table. Racial equity, anti-racist practice and social justice are no longer relegated to the back or to a track because these issues are central to APAP’s priorities and key to our field’s survival. 
So, at APAP|NYC+ we will be infusing these issues and themes in all that you experience, because this is what this moment is about. It will take all of us in conversation and deep listening.  It will take all of us advocating for each other. And it will take all of us to rebuild on a foundation that is truly just, safe, equitable, and advances and supports all of us.

In the spirit of the many conversations we have had to-date---from those jam-packed with resources and information to those that provoke and engage---we will all come together at APAP|NYC+. In curated and interactive sessions on a range of subjects, artists, presenters, agents, managers, producers, funders – all arts workers will respond, re-imagine and build back better.

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