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Ongoing Webinar Series

  • FestForums weekly livestreams every Wednesday at noon (PST)
  • TRG 30 Webinar Series: This is a special series of weekly 30-minute virtual roundtables with the TRG CEO. TRG Arts wants to be a resource to arts and cultural organizations and provide insight into the counsel that they are providing our clients on how to manage the short-term impact and focus on their business model for long-term gain.
  • NAPAMA Webinar Series: Starting Monday, March. March 30, 2020, NAPAMA will host two webinars a week for our members surrounding our shared issues and emotions about the COVID-19 pandemic. Links and information will be emailed their members and available on their Member Facebook page.
  • IPAY webinar series: Calm in the Chaos, Global Resources, Continuing the Conversation, and Up Close and Personal, in order to bring our community deeper connection, inspiration, and the space to think critically about what's next for the touring and producing of performance for young audiences amid the global pandemic of COVID-19.
  • Off the Clock: Digital Happy Hour for Rural Arts and Cultural Workers hosted by Voices for Rural Resilience and the Department of Public Transformation on the second Tuesday of each month at 5 p.m. (CST). For the next few months, their conversations will be geared toward sharing ideas and resources for how our rural communities are mitigating the effects of COVID-19.

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