Building Bridges Overview/Summary

The goal of Building Bridges was to expose Americans to the highest forms of contemporary Muslim art and use those expressions to create experiences that bind communities together. The program promotes a deeper understanding of curatorial practice and supports the production of well-documented benchmarks for expanding audience engagement in the future.

Building Bridges Collage


What you'll find here:

  • Overview/Summary of the entire BB project

  • Scott's White Paper

  • Lessons Learned from the BB project

  • Grantee Profiles

Overview/Summary of the BB Program

Project Summary - the overall idea behind BB, why it was started, what the goals were, what was accomplished and possibly what we hope to do moving forward. We will link to the full White Paper here.

Lessons Learned and Resources

Here will be a bulleted list of the 5 or so lessons learned with a short 1-2 sentence summary of that lesson. Then there will be a link to "Learn More" which will go to a new page for an in-depth look at that lesson and resources that go along with that lesson?

These Lessons Learned will be different from the ones appearing in the Fall issue of Inside Arts. Those lessons are coming from Alicia's interviews with grantees. These will be adapted from Scott's paper.

  • We need education focusing on cultural competency.
    There are misconceptions about Muslim societies and Muslim-American Identity that can benefit from education toward cultural competency, helping audiences understand the intersection of faith, religion, and spirituality through the arts.

Learn More

  • Hands-on participatory arts experiences with artists is powerful.    
    Curatorial practices should focus on building audiences for the arts of Muslim-majority cultures.

Grantee Profiles

Short summary on how many grantees there were, maybe talk about how some were individuals and some were consortiums?

  • Fine & Performing Arts Center, Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, IL
    Summary sentence? 
    Link to learn more about this individual grantee will go to a separate page with their grantee profile. Will include basic overview of project theme, partners, artists, activities, outcomes with hyperlinks to video and resources, and link to web sites.
  • Hancher Auditorium, The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA